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iajgs virtual conference

Usually the IAJGS Conference requires flying to a location and booking a hotel room for up to a week. That can be cost-prohibitive for many. This year we have a unique opportunity to sample the conference from home as it goes virtual. 


The IAJGS 2020 Conference on Jewish Genealogy will be held from Monday, 10 August, through Thursday, 13 August, on a virtual platform. Brainstorming and Connectivity will be the focus of four days of live, streamed sessions on broad topics presented as plenary sessions, panels, and webinars. Meeting rooms will be provided for Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Birds-of-a-Feather (BOFs).


The Pre-Recorded Video Archive available to conference registrants for up to 60 days after the virtual conference will offer an even wider range of specialized presentations beyond the scheduled, live sessions. 


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other online Events

During this time of social distancing many of our traditional gatherings have moved to webinars. This may enable us to explore offerings of other organizations as our community has widened beyond our geographic area. Check here for upcoming events from other genealogical organizations.

center for jewish history

WHAT: Tune into the Center for Jewish History's Facebook page for Genealogy Coffee Break, a short talk on a specific topic with one of their genealogy librarians. Discover recommended resources and strategies for online research, and have your questions answered live. If you have a topic you'd like them to cover, write to them at Catch up on the entire series here

WHEN: Ongoing every Tuesday at 3:30 pm EST

Jewishgen talkswebinars

We invite you to attend another free presentation with our speaker, Dr. Stephen P. Morse.

WHAT: From DNA to Genetic Genealogy: 
              Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 15, 2020
               3:00 pm Eastern Time (New York)

The study of genetics that started with Gregor Mendel's pea experiments in 1865 has now entered the genealogy field with Megan Smolenyak's coining of the term "genetealogy" in 2000. To understand the genealogical aspects requires an understanding of some of the basic concepts.
This talk introduces genes, chromosomes, and DNA, and goes on to show how DNA is inherited. That knowledge of inheritance can be used for finding relatives you didn't know you had, learning about your very distant ancestors and the route they traveled, and determining if you are a Jewish high priest (Kohan).
Examples presented include Genghis Khan’s legacy, the Thomas Jefferson affair, and the Anastasia mystery.
Stephen P. Morse is the creator of the award-winning One-Step Website at ; Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies and the Award of Merit from the National Genealogical Society; Best known as the architect of the Intel 8086, which sparked the PC revolution 35 years ago.

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